Happy New Year Everyone!

The one thing most of us are searching for in life, is quite simply to be happy. How can we make this new year a truly happy one? What is happiness? How can we get it and how can we keep it?

Is happiness that new pair of shoes you were so so excited to buy? However, once they're worn and scuffed they don't seem so special any more. Or does food make you happy, a tasty pizza with all your favourite toppings on? Could you eat the same pizza everyday and still be happy even when you are stuffed and bloated? Or is happiness that pint you were craving after a long hard week back at work? But the happiness is all gone by the morning when you're suffering with a migraine and full of regret. 

Sometimes when we get the thing we wanted the most, it still doesn't bring us that feeling of inner happiness or true bliss that we expected, and if it does it doesn't seem to last that long?The problem is, all these things are material and only deliver happiness temporarily. That is the nature of the material world. Not only do these things only delivery happiness for a short amount of time, we're under the forces of material nature which make us think, "Well that wasn't what I really wanted in the first place" and we start looking for happiness somewhere else in the form of a matching handbag, a different type of take away food or a glass of wine instead. Its a cycle of bursts of temporary happiness followed by disenchantment and wanting more or something else. The material world is temporary, illusory and sadly makes us think we're happy in our ignorance.


Lets think about transcending the material platform in search for Spiritual happiness, which is deep, meaningful, satisfying and eternal.

Sound good? Stay tuned for more posts to get a further insight into spiritual life, hints and tips which you can apply to everyday life and attain inner fulfilment and Happiness! Comment, subscribe and share! 

So, what makes YOU happy?