Govinda’s Vegetarian Café Nottingham

(Please not that as of June 2015 Govinda's Nottingham has permanently closed. More information here)

Today was the grand opening of the first Govinda’s Vegetarian Café in England outside of London.

Located in the trendy shopping area of Nottingham City Centre, Govinda’s is a good value and heart-warming place to eat. The delightful surroundings is divided into a cafe serving light snacks and daily specials and also a buffet serving an array of delicious Indian food.

The pure vegetarian restaurant is ran by ISKCON with a cheerful team of volunteer Hare Krishna devotees serving tasty spiritual food. All preparations are prashad meaning it is blessed and so is karma free!

Todays menu was:
Peas, paneer and tomatos
Aubergine, potato and chick pea stew (vegan)
Spinach Rice/Brown rice (vegan)
Yellow mung dhaal with carrots (vegan)
Cream of vegetable soup

Daily special – Lasagna & Salad

Veggie Burger
Apple and blueberry crumble
Vegan cupcakes & biscuits
Hot and cold drinks

Govinda’s Nottingham serves food that is satvik, meaning it is without meat, fish, eggs and also onion and garlic and full of love and devotion!

“This cupcake is awesome!” – Happy customer

Govindas Vegetarian Cafe
7-9 Thurland Street
(Opposite Newlook, 2 minute walk from Victoria Centre, Nottingham)
Opening Times:
Open Monday – Saturday: 11am to 6pm.


  1. Hare Krishna!

    Thank you so much for this :-)

    You can also find us on Facebook:

    Hope to see you soon,
    Marion :-)

    1. Hare Krishna!
      You are very welcome. The cafe is a great service to the community. Wishing you all every success!

  2. I will definitely be visiting Govindas the next time that I am in Nottingham, I can't wait... Used to be part of the Nottngham Nama Hatta Programme at Beech Avenue many moons ago but have since moved away. One of my sons still lives in the area and I have told him to stop by and a good friend of mine too. Can't wait to do so myself... I hope that it will be very successful as it is just what Nottingham needs. Hare Krishna

    1. Hare Krishna!
      Thanks for commenting. It's a great place, I'm sure you will love it! It's great to be able to eat at a restaurant without worrying about what is in the ingredients and to be able to eat anything on the menu!

  3. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and the Devotees! Hare Krsna!
    Great News, at last!!
    I too was a part of the Nottngham Nama Hatta Programme at Beech Avenue many moons ago. I have lived away from Nottingham for at least a decade now but will be returning to live there once again in the coming year. Can't wait to get down there taste the lovely prasadam. Wherever I've been in the world, the nearest Govinda's and Temple has always been at the top of my 'Need to find' list. There can be no doubt of its success.
    Hari Bol!

  4. Hare Krishna,

    Awesome restaurant, I've been in UK for last 4 years and never had such good food.

    Will be visiting again very soon :)


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