ISKCON Leicester - From a Miracle to a Dream

A message from ISKCON Leicester

Following the explosion at our previous centre, we have wondered around various venues, none of which have allowed us to fulfill our full range of activities. Not only was it a miracle that no one was hurt in the explosion but it was a miracle that we were gifted a grade II* listed building by one very generous family.

This building is situated on 31 Granby Street, Leicester, neighboring Town Hall. Right at the heart of the City stands the most beautiful jewel of Victorian architecture, A spiritual centre, the new home of ISKCON.

Previously the home of HSBC bank, ISKCON would like to regenerate this building to act as a perfect community hub, providing a variety of activities to suit the needs of all.

  • A place to welcome people from all walks of life regardless of class, colour or creed. To find a common link in society where we can integrate as one community.
  • A heritage room celebrating the work of renowned architect Joseph Goddard. It will provide a base for learning for schools and colleges.
  • A meditation hall providing regular music, mantra & meditation programs. A place for health, wellbeing and enhanced personal development
  • A cafĂ© & restaurant serving wholesome, mouth watering international cuisines for the taste buds of all. 
  • A library with a range of books in 165 languages, providing a place for the inquisitive minds for thought, reflection and reading.
  • A truly versatile venue that will serve for Weddings, birthdays, engagements or even corporate events.

Please help this dream become a reality.

We are currently trying to raise £2M to regenerate this building for you our loving community. We are all one and can work best together, with a little help from all of you we have the potential to meet our target.

Please donate, tell you friends, family & colleagues. This is a genuine once in a life time opportunity to be part of a wonderful project that will sit right at the heart of the City in the Centre of England.

Please donate via:


Text RAMA08 ____(enter amount) to 70070

(Eg to Donate £10. Text RAMA08 £10 and send it to 70070).

Thank you. 
ISKCON Leicester